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Raw Honey – Allergies and The Honeybee | Raw honey allergies

Posted by Matt Harrigan on 06/23/2008
Raw Honey

Raw Honey and Honeybee

This week I wanted to write about a topic I never gave much thought to until recently, honeybees. Honeybees pollinate our plants (vegetables, fruits, nut trees, clover, etc…) day in and day out all spring, summer and fall. Without the bees doing their work we would not have the wonderful abundance of plants that we do.

Recently I have started eating raw honey each morning and night. I started this because I have had severe allergies for the past 4 years and nothing has helped and I read several times over the years that this could help.

I’ve tried traditional medicine treatments (needles in the arm once a week), homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, NAET, herbs, vitamins, tincture formulations made specifically for my body type, I have sprayed my carpets and furniture with anti-mite sprays, etc… There are so many things I have tried I am sure I have forgotten half of them. And just imagine the money I have spent on all this! Dr. visits were $25 copays, NAET was $50 per visit, the tincture was $67 and on and on….

One day I decided to try raw honey because I had heard it could help my body build up its immune system against the allergens my body was attacking and keeping me in a state of uselessness. I had a chronic headache, sinus infections, light headness, malaise, etc…

After about two months of taking the raw honey (I was still on Claritin at the time) I realized I could smell!!! Something I had not been able to do for 4 years. I immediately stopped the Claritin and upped the raw honey to 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. It has been over 6 weeks in one of the worst allergy seasons (so they tell me) to date. My sinsuses are clear, I do not have to make sure each room I am in has a box of tissues and I can think clearly!

The raw honey is important to take because it contains the local pollen you breathe, the propolis, the honeycomb, even some mold and other allergens that your body can learn to defend against. As a caution raw honey is not to be given to infants under 1 year old but I would always check with your doctor when giving children natural remedies, they can be just as dangerous as pharmaceuticals if not taken properly.

So, I want to thank the honeybees for doing what they do, pollinating and creating honey.

Thank You Honeybees!



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