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Body Energy Sources

Posted by Matt Harrigan on 12/02/2012

Body Energy Sources – Chi

Body energy sources

are typically thought of as fats, carbohydrates and even proteins. However, in this post I’d like to take the idea of body energy sources a little deeper. Having studied the Chinese Body Energy Clock (the 24 hour cycle of chi) our life force is referred to earth chi, air chi, and heaven chi (and probably some others I am not familiar with).

Earth chi is taken directly from the food we eat. Packaged food has lost its earth chi or has none to begin with, so eat fresh foods. Every carbohydrate, protein and fat carries earth chi within it and our body’s meridian system utilizes this chi to energize and balance our body energy.

There are 12 major acupuncture meridians that our chi (derived from body energy sources) travels across changing meridians every 2 hours. Starting at the Lung meridian at 3am and changing to the Colon Meridian at 5am our chi then travels through all 12 major meridians energizing and balancing the body energy until it finally reaches the Liver meridian at 3am the next morning to begin the 24 hour cycle of chi over again.
For more information on how body energy works and how to unlock the secrets of the Chinese Body Energy Clock go to Body Energy Book or download directly at Body Energy.

View the video book trailer here:




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