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Body Energy

Posted by Matt Harrigan on 11/19/2012
BodyEnergyFinal1 226x300 Body Energy

Body Energy

Body Energy

– Discover The Secrets of The Chinese Energy Clock was published this month on kindle.
You can find the book at Body Energy. The book is your owner’s manual to your body energy system and how to use your chi as healing energy.

Body Energy – Discover The Secrets Of The Chinese Body Energy Clock will guide you through the day showing you how to enhance your body energy system through acupressure, chi kung (qi gong), yoga, tai chi exercises, breathing exercises and Japanese makko-ho meridian stretches.
Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s 24 hour cycle of chi the human body energy travels via your 12 major meridians to charge up and balance your body throughout the day. Every two hours your chi switches meridians completing a full cycle in 24 hours.
There are many things you can do throughout the day and night to make sure your body stays fully charged and you have the energy healing and clarity to be at your best all day long.
Body Energy – Discover The Secrets Of The Chinese Body Energy Clock will be your body’s owner’s manual for you to enhance your body energy sources!



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