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Chi Exercises

Posted by Matt Harrigan on 01/03/2013

Chi exercises

website is now up and running at
. This is our new site where we will explore, discuss and practice (via video) many of the most common chi energy exercises like yoga, makko ho, chi kung, tai chi and many other less popular and obscure chi exercises to heal, enhance, balance and energize your chi.

Here is my first post:
Chi Exercises vary in many ways of form and function but the one thing all chi energy exercises have in common is that they are designed to harness, enhance, energize and balance your chi; your body energy. The ancient cultures of China, Japan, and India have been developing and refining chi exercises for hundreds of years. Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga, Makko ho (meridian stretching) are all forms of chi exercises (also known as qi and ki exercises).
Each of these forms of chi exercise have many variations and derivations branching off in every known direction. At times it becomes very difficult to decide which may be best for you. I have studied/practiced many and although I love Chi Kung, Aikido and Yoga, I find Makko ho very simple and straight forward to do (simple does not mean “easy”). Makko ho is a simple set of six meridian stretches that anyone can perform anywhere at any time. Each stretch opens up a brother and sister meridian pair and allows the chi energy to flow smoothly and evenly….read more here:



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