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New Chicken Pen For The Spring

Posted by admin on 04/29/2010

In order to save our lawn and garden I had to build a new chicken pen to attach to the chicken coop I built last year. We let our hens run free all Fall and Winter and they practically destroyed the backyard. Once the plants and grass are grown back in this summer we will let them out again. I looked at alot of chicken pens online and decided this was the best design for our hens. We added one a feature to it that I am sure no other chicken pen has. We added a compost screener to the top.

I will create a video shortly to show you how this works but for now I will just explain it. The top of the chicken pen is half inch hardclothe so we built a separate frame around that hardclothe that creates the top of the pen and we can remove to shift our compost.



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