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New Chicken Coop

Posted by admin on 08/25/2009

Here is the chicken coop I finally finished hours before our road trip to Quebec, Canada. The chickens hadn’t had a permanent home and since we were not going to be around for 10 days I had to whip something up.

I used the “chicken tractor” that we bought for them as chicks as the roof and I built a box as a base (4′ wide x2.5′ high x 2′ deep)  I set that on top of four cinderblocks, cut out a doorway, built a ladder and run that enclosed the whole coup.

The roof is on hinges so it can if off for cleanings and egg extraction and the run has a hinged roof that provides a bit of rain protection and allows me to stand up inside the run. Then we built a hinged door leading into the run.

Cost to build was approx. $150 which included some tools (drill bits, snips, etc.) I did not have. It does not include the cost of the roof which is the chicken tractor that cost $99. I will shoot some video to give a tour and more details.



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