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Waiting for Avocados

Posted by admin on 07/07/2008

It is interesting to me how my taste has changed over the years. Ten years ago you could not even get me to look at an avocado, unless it was in the form of guacamole with a big bowl of chips next to it (I still love that!).

Imagine my surprise as I find myself eating avocados with a spoon right out of the skin for BREAKFAST!

What took me so long to come around to this wondeful berry. Yes technically the avocado is a berry but commonly referred to as a fruit.

The avocado is packed with nutrition, monosaturated fats, B Vitamins, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, potassium and has the highest fiber content of any fruit. Not to mention it is high in protein (2 grams) for a fruit. No wonder vegetarians love avocados!



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