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Weekend Gardening Success For Our Shed Garden

Posted by admin on 04/06/2009

Well, this weekend was a mixture of weather from one extreme to the other. Saturday was overcast with bone chilling winds. Sunday saw sunny skies, a 10 degrees rise in temperature and 10 mph decrease in the winds. Making it feel at least 20 degrees warmer than Saturday.

We used our new cedar shed as a garden outpost to start seedlings, mix potting soil, and get everything ready for planting on Sunday. We have been saving our cardboard egg cartons, and milk cartons to use as initial starting pots for many of our plants like cherry tomatoes, and sunflowers.

The shed provided great protection from the elements on Saturday so we could get a lot of work done and not be too cold from standing outside all day. And the smell of the cedar was pleasant as we worked. The inside of the shed was filled with starter  pots, seeds, and soil, we called it our shed garden center.

Then on Sunday we were able to transfer everything outside to the gardens around the house. Now the shed is back to its main job of housing all of our garden tools and storing some lawn equipment.



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