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Stretching Drills

Posted by Matt Harrigan on 12/08/2012

Stretching Drills

Lung Meridian Stretch

Stretching drills

have always been apart of my workouts but they were more of the high school based static stretching you did in gym class. That was until I discovered Makko ho or what is commonly referred to as meridian stretching. Meridian stretching drills are based on 6 stretches that correspond with the 12 energy meridians in the body.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine 24 hour cycle of chi these stretches open up the energy meridians and allow your chi to flow more evenly through out the day and they are great exercises for flexibility .

Stretching drills energize and balance the body energy so that you can accomplish more throughout the day. My new book Body Energy – Unlock The Secrets Of The Chinese Energy Body Clock guides you through stretching drills based on makko ho, yoga, chi kung, and japanese meridian stretching. Performing one of these stretches every two hours or all six stretches early in the morning and late at night will keep your energy meridians open and help you stay healthy.

Body Energy Book now available at here

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stretching drills



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