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Exercise for Flexibility

Posted by Matt Harrigan on 12/19/2012

Exercise for Flexibility

can be a challenging task depending on how you go about stretching and what mode of stretching you prefer. Currently I am loving meridian stretching using six simple stretches from Japan called Makko ho.

The six stretches open up the meridian pathways in your body so not only are you stretching the muscle, tendon and fascia of the body but you are also making way for your chi (body energy) to flow more easily.  The six stretches each match up to two meridian pairs (there are 12 major meridians in total) so you are stretching the “brother sister” pair of meridians at the same time. Combining them into a simple exercise for flexibility routine is very easy and I have written a book, Body Energy – Unlock The Secrets Of The Chinese Body Energy Clock that show you how to maximize the stretching routine to enhance your body energy.

Exercise For Flexibility

Makko ho

The pairs of meridians are:

  • 3am – 7am: Lung meridian and Colon meridian (also know as Large Intestine Meridian)
  • 7am – 11am: Stomach meridian and Spleen meridian
  • 11am – 3pm: Heart meridian and Small Intestine meridian
  • 3pm – 7pm: Bladder meridian and Kidney meridian
  • 7pm – 11pm: Pericardium meridian and Triple Heater meridian
  • 11pm – 3am: Gallbladder meridian and Liver meridian

Each pair of meridians falls within a 4hr window and I like to begin my routine with the stretch that corresponds with that window of time. So, if I am doing stretching drills of my meridians at 3pm I begin the stretching routine with Bladder and Kidney Meridian stretch and follow in sequence until I am back at 3pm finishing with Heart and Small Intestine meridian stretch.

Body Energy – Unlock The Secrets Of The Chinese Body Energy Clock  also goes into detail on energy enhancements you can perform during each meridian cycle (acupressure, tai chi, chi kung) and “tweaks” to your current lifestyle and activities to be able to build your body energy all day long.

Here’s to your health and well-being. You can purchase my book at Amazon just by clicking here.




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