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Chi Exercises

Chi exercises website sit is now up and running at
. This is our new site where we will explore, discuss and practice (via video) many of the most common chi energy … Continue reading »

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Exercise for Flexibility

Exercise for Flexibility can be a challenging task depending on how you go about stretching and what mode of stretching you prefer. Currently I am loving meridian stretching using six simple stretches from Japan called Makko ho. The six stretches open up the meridian pathways in your body so not only are you stretching the … Continue reading »

Categories: Stretching | Tags: acupressure, bladder, colon, colon meridian, exercise, exercise for flexibility, flexibility, for, gall bladder, heart, japanese, kidney, large intestine, liver, lung, makko ho, meridian, meridian stretch, meridians, pericardium, small intestine, small intestine meridian stretch, spleen, stomach, stretches, stretching, triple heater, yoga | 2 Comments

Stretching Drills

Stretching drills have always been apart of my workouts but they were more of the high school based static stretching you did in gym class. That was until I discovered Makko ho or what is commonly referred to as meridian stretching. Meridian stretching drills are based on 6 stretches that correspond with the 12 energy … Continue reading »

Categories: Stretching Drills | Tags: body energy, energy, exercises, lung meridian stretch, meridian, meridians, stretches, stretching drills | 1 Comment